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what is cbd

What Is CBD?

Found in the hemp plant, CBD is a naturally occurring compound with a huge range of benefits. It can be used in a huge number of ways.

CBD enhances your body’s natural and innate ability to heal itself.

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CBD Balm by Honest Hemp

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CBD Stem Cells & Algae All Night Cream by MGC Derma

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CBD Balm by Virtue

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CBD Salve by Honest Hemp

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World of Hemp - The UK's CBD Specialist.

Here at World of Hemp, we want to make the benefits of CBD and hemp products available to a wider audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to hemp products and are interested in utilising CBD oil or are an experienced user of vaping CBD e-liquids. Within our range you’ll find only the best quality CBD products sourced from the UK and abroad.

We know most people are living an incredibly demanding and fast-paced lifestyle. We also know taking time to destress isn’t always an easy option.

When things get overwhelming, both your mental and physical health can suffer. Keeping a balanced lifestyle and supplementing your body is important to help it perform to the best of its ability. Many people are now seeking more natural means to keep this balance.

Hemp is one of nature’s best resources. It offers a myriad of healthful by-products including the likes of cannabidiol oil drops and capsules, CBD e-liquids, hemp protein and skincare.

At World of Hemp, you can buy with confidence knowing you’re getting carefully sourced hemp products that are both sustainably produced and beneficial for you and your healthy lifestyle.