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A to Z of CBD

There are plenty of buzz words associated with CBD. From why people use it and the ingredients used to how it works in your body, we’ve broken down the A to Z of all the terms you’re most likely to trip across.  A: anti-inflammatory.  People are picking up CBD for a number of reasons these days. One of the most common ones is due to its ability to normalise how your body regulates pain and inflammation(1). CBD works with your endocannabinoid system to better enable your body to synthesize its own endocannabinoids. Whether it’s for helping your body recover after...

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CBD Variables

When it comes to how you use CBD and incorporate it into your daily routine, there are a few things that can make a big difference. The way you want to take it, whether you have an aversion to certain kinds of flavours or product types as well as the spectrum of CBD you’re taking are all worth considering. Read more

CBD And The Little Known Facts

While you might already know the best way to dose and be an expert on terpenes, there are plenty of lesser known facts to learn about CBD. From its earliest use and who’s using it now to the difference between cannabinoids and hemp plants, CBD has had a surge in popularity and with its increased availability, the more you know the better.  Read more

Common Mistakes with CBD

With CBD becoming increasingly well known, more and more people are incorporating it into their diets. However, the way in which you take it can vary massively and what’s best for one person likely won’t be exactly right for the next. If you’ve tried CBD before but felt like it didn’t work much for you, there are a few common mistakes that could be responsible. Read more

Uses of the Hemp Plant

Hemp is incredibly versatile and can be used in place of a number of other natural substances, in some cases it’s even more efficient than other plant alternatives. Having been cultivated throughout the world for thousands of years now, we’ve adapted to get a lot out of this hardy shrub. A hemp crop only takes around four months to reach maturity, meaning it’s a fast turnaround that can be harvested multiple times a year.  Read more

Surviving the Winter The Natural Way

When the days get darker and the sun feels weaker even when it is out, winter can be quite a draining time for a lot of people. We’re just heading into the cooler months now and once daylight savings end, it can feel like a long haul slog back to the sunnier months. Whether you just experience the odd touch of the “winter blues” or struggle with SAD, there are a few ways you can help support your system through it. There’s also a few ways you can make your home a healthier place as well as supporting your immune system to help you avoid getting sick in the first place.  Read more

Seasonal Self Care

Late September officially marks the changeover period from summer months to the oncoming autumn. The days are starting to get shorter, the weather is cooler and everyone starts to retreat indoors a little more. It’s also the typical time of year where you can start to feel a little run down. As such, it’s also the perfect time to start putting a little more time and effort into your self-care routine. Read more

Brand Focus: Hempen Co-Operative

Hempen was established as a not-for-profit co-operative back in 2015, with their farm located in the South Oxfordshire countryside. They were endeavouring to be pioneer growers of organically certified UK hemp, creating both organic hemp & CBD products. With a strong focus on cultivating hemp to provide ecologically- and socially-sound solutions. The company is made up of a tight-knit team who live and work together as a community on the farm. We spoke to co-operative member, Ali, about the challenges of the CBD industry as well as what Hempen’s next steps will be.  Read more