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A Night In With CBD

Posted by World of Hemp on

In the midst of summer, between parties, trips away and what often ends up being “wedding season,” a night in to rest and rejuvenate is often needed. If you want to unwind with the benefits of CBD, there’s a multitude of ways you can do so. From skincare to your diet, you can incorporate these into your daily life or do a whole lot of them in one wonderfully relaxing evening. 

Why we love CBD for a relaxing evening in: 

  • Supports muscle regeneration. If you’ve been active and are feeling the strain of muscle fatigue⁽²⁾ or joint pain⁽¹⁾, CBD can help alleviate some of that discomfort. 
  • Maintains healthy immunity. It’s easy to get run down when you’re busy. Your body’s endocannabinoid system has receptors throughout your immune system. When you’re feeling less than your best, supplementing with CBD can help support normal immune function⁽³⁾. 
  • Naturally calming and stress relieving. CBD can help neutralise your body’s cortisol levels⁽⁴⁾, the hormone responsible for stress. While a little stress can help make you more productive, too much can have the opposite effect. Adding CBD into your diet during times of high pressure can support a better mood and sleep. 
  • Anti-inflammatory for your outsides and your insides. If you’ve overdone it on the sunshine and are feeling a little red and tender, CBD can help when applied topically⁽⁵⁾. When paired with hydrating ingredients, CBD is mildly analgesic and this combination can relieve some of the pain of sunburn and skin irritation. 

Ways you can incorporate CBD into your evening routine: 

CBD baths: 

You’ve got cannabinoid receptors throughout your body, as well as on your skin⁽⁵⁾. By tapping into these, you can amplify the relaxing benefits of a bath. Combining the heat from a bath with CBD can help ease tension and stress. 

If the prospect of a hot bath in summer seems a bit much, you might want to try something with mint oil or eucalyptus that will create a cooling effect in the tub. We’d recommend the Epsom Salt CBD Bath Soak from Fresh Bombs if you like the idea of a peppermint and wintergreen for a cooling effect. It’s packed with Epsom salts to help replenish minerals your body needs after vigorous exercise. Or, if you’re bathing to relax your mind more than your body, you might enjoy the Skin Booster Bath Soak instead with Himalayan pink rock salt and the fragrance of bergamot. 

CBD infused skincare: 

Use while you’re in the bath or after you get out, CBD skincare is another wonderful way to pamper yourself after a long week. With your skin being your largest organ, it’s often the first indicator that lets you know when you’re starting to wear out. Dryness, fine lines and sun damage can all crop up when we’re outside too much and not taking proper care of our skin. 

Face masks: 

Face masks are an ideal way to get a high dose of nutrients back into your skin. When applied after a shower or bath, your pores are more open and your skin will also more readily absorb the beneficial ingredients. It’s also a time when your skin will be more able to release any grime and dirt that’s settled in, so cleanse first then apply your mask. We recommend the CBD Infused Face Mask from Love Hemp. Packed with CBD, rosemary and liquorice root, this sheet mask is fragrant and calming while also helping to remove residual environmental pollution in your skin. 

CBD body and massage oil:

While your face tends to get a lot of care and attention, it’s important you don’t forget about the rest of your body too. While you’re still warm and relaxed post-bath, apply a body oil to give your skin a shot of moisture. Being outside in the sun as well as indoors in air conditioned offices can be very drying. By applying oil directly to the skin, you’ll help keep your skin’s sebum levels up, giving a more healthy appearance and softer texture. To help calm your mind as well as your body, the Relaxing Moisturising Oil by Hempen Co-Operative is the perfect choice. Packed with hemp seed oil, lavender and bergamot, it’s suitable for all skin types but is especially wonderful for dry and irritated skin. 


Much like face masks, serums are a potent option for adding a more concentrated dose of skin-supporting ingredients. Stress and fatigue can manifest as a breakout for some. Or, you might have been out in the sun without enough sunscreen and are concerned about sun damage. Regardless of your skin complaint or concern, serums a luxurious way to relax as well as support your skin. 

CBD is naturally anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial⁽⁷⁾ making it a perfect partner for red and spot-prone skin. When combined with tea tree oil, it can reduce acne-causing bacteria, resulting in a clearer complexion. If this sounds like you, we’d suggest the Revive CBD Acne Serum from Somnio. It has the added benefit of hyaluronic acid to give you an extra boost of moisture without feeling heavy or oily. 

If you’re looking for something with an antioxidant effect, choose something with added peptides to help reduce free-radical damage⁽⁶⁾ that contribute to skin aging. For this, we’d recommend the Stem Cells and Hyaluronic Serum from MGC Derma. It’s hydrating, lightweight and supports your skin’s ability to repair itself and maintain collagen levels. When you’re stressed, collagen can be broken down by cortisol so when you use topical treatments as well as things like tinctures, you can double down on the effects. 

Incorporating CBD into your diet: 

You can still order in if you’re really treating yourself but there are a few simple and easy ways to add some CBD into your evening with things like smoothies, teas and edibles.

A Tropical Mango Smoothie: 

Getting more fruit into your diet is a guaranteed way to make you feel more virtuous if nothing else, but is also a good way to increase your CBD absorption rate. Mangoes are naturally high in myrcene, a terpene that’s also found in hemp. Mangoes are rich in vitamin B6, folate and antioxidants. By adding more terpenes into your diet, you can also boost the amount of CBD your body can absorb. As CBD is fat soluble, it’s also a good idea to use it in an oil suspension, whether that’s tinctures or coconut oil


1 x cup of mango (fresh or frozen) 

1 x ripe banana

250mls of coconut milk 

1 tablespoon of organic CBD coconut oil 

Add the ingredients to the blender, blitz until it’s a smooth consistency. You’ll be getting a generous dose of CBD as well as 3 of your 5 a day. 

Hemp tea: 

If a cup of tea is more your thing, you might enjoy the calming blend of herbs and CBD stems in Somnio’s Relaxation and Sleep Tea. Brewing is exactly the same as with any other herbal tea. Pop on the kettle, pour freshly boiled water over one tea bag per person and allow to brew for 5 to 7 minutes. If you want to up the dosage, once it’s cooled a little you can always add a few drops of a CBD tincture too. 


If you’ve got a sweet tooth and fancy a treat after dinner, you might want to consider CBD infused gummies. The ones from Love Hemp come in three flavours, with each containing a 10mg dose of CBD. 

After relaxing with a few of the things on this list (or all of them) you’ll hopefully be feeling more relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep. If you’re using CBD to support your mood and reduce stress levels, it’s important to maintain your intake in order to maximise the impact. Whether that’s through some CBD in your smoothie, tinctures or edibles, the important thing is to make your daily dose as enjoyable and easy to take as possible. 


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