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Guide to Choosing the Right CBD Product For You

Posted by World of Hemp on

If you’re new to CBD, the amount of products and different strengths available can make it confusing when it comes to figuring out which one is best for you. From tinctures and CBD e-liquids to edibles and topicals, there are a lot of options available to you. When it comes to picking just the right one for you, there are a few things you need to consider. 


CBD is most effective when you’ve got the right dosage and what’s right for one person might be too much or too little for another. The two main factors in getting it right comes down to the severity of your condition and your weight. 

As a general guide, we’d recommend the following dosage levels as a good starting point based on the symptoms you’re trying to alleviate. If you consider this your base level you can gradually increase over time until you find your ideal dosage mark. 

Condition Severity 

mg/per day recommended dosage


4 - 10mg


10 - 30mg


30 - 60mg

For a more comprehensive look at selecting the right dosage for you as well as product absorption rates you can find more information in our dosage guide

The issue you’re trying to treat

There are a few particularly common complaints people often use CBD for which include stress, poor sleep, bodily aches and pains and skin conditions. Due to the way your endocannabinoid system works, some products can be more beneficial for certain problems. You may want to take two products in conjunction with each other for sustained CBD levels or just on the days you need an extra boost with a higher dose. 

Skin conditions:

With things like eczema, acne, dryness and psoriasis, topical application with skin care is the first port of call. Your skin has cannabinoid receptors which means you’ll be able to absorb CBD directly through your epidermis to target irritation more directly. CBD is also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial meaning application to things like acne and redness can be soothed at their source. Another option for skin issues is capsules. They’re slower to be absorbed into your system but like with what you eat, what you put into your body really does play an important role in the health of your skin. 

Sleep, stress and anxiety:

Sleep is an important factor in anyone’s life, when you don’t get enough it can affect your memory, stress levels and immunity. Typically we’d classify sleep and stress as a “moderate” on the condition severity scale, meaning you’ll want a higher dose of CBD. The best products for a higher dose are tinctures and vaping. Tinctures and CBD e-liquids are both absorbed quickly and have a high bioavailability - meaning your body can absorb more of what you take. 

Sports recovery, achy muscles and joints:

If you’re looking to add CBD into your supplement regime there are a few ways you can do it. It’s common for people to use CBD to help with injury and sports recovery due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Depending on how severe your pain or injury is you may benefit from either topicals or tinctures most. Topicals like muscle gels contain CBD but also ingredients that are naturally cooling agents to support pain relief. Tinctures can help with inflammation and pain from the inside out, without being harsh on your stomach from prolonged use like over the counter tablets can. 

How you want to take CBD

Bearing the above in mind, while a product might be a good choice for that particular issue, you may prefer one method over another. There are benefits and drawbacks to each and ultimately you want to make it as easy for you to take so you can sustain your dosage for maximum effect. 

  • Tinctures no matter the strength are an easy, effective method for administering CBD. They’re quickly and readily absorbed and will stay in your system for up to 6 hours meaning a few drops morning and night will sustain your cannabinoid levels throughout the day. 
  • Topicals have the lowest bioavailability but offer targeted relief for skin complaints and tired muscles and joints. They’re also simple to use and you don’t need to calculate dosage at all, just apply them as and when you need them. 
  • Edibles like capsules, mints and gummies are slower to be absorbed into your system but are one of the easiest ways to take and measure your CBD dosage. They’re a good choice for people who dislike the flavour of drops or want to microdose with CBD throughout the day. 
  • Vaping is a great way to have smaller doses of CBD throughout the day and, like tinctures, are also quickly and readily absorbed. They’re a good option for people who want a higher dose but also require the use and maintenance of an e-cigarette which is something to consider. 

Factoring in the strength of the product you choose and how many doses you’ll get: 

If you go for a tincture or vaping as your preferred method of administration, sometimes going for a higher concentration can be more cost effective in the long term. Consistency is key when using CBD so trying a product that will last you for several weeks or months is often the best way to go. 

While choosing a higher strength tincture can be more costly initially, you’ll get several more doses out of it. For example if you wanted to take 20mg of CBD a day for moderate pain or sleep issues, a 10ml 1000mg bottle gives you 5mg per drop. Each ml contains 20 drops so this would last you around 50 days. If you double that strength to 2000mg a bottle, you’d only need two drops a day to get the same dosage and it would last you twice as long. 

The same principle applies to vaping e-liquids. While 100mg bottles are more affordable, to get a 20mg dose you’d need to vape 2ml of e-liquid. While a tank full in one day is perfectly reasonable, you may prefer to only need to take a few puffs here and there. Something like Naked 100 has a 30ml bottle with 20mg per ml, meaning you need to vape half the amount and the cost per ml also works out to be more affordable in the long term too.

Medical Disclaimer

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