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Guide to Essential Oils

Posted by World of Hemp on

At World of Hemp you’ll find a huge range of things like tinctures, CBD vape liquids and of course topicals and skincare. While CBD is our key ingredient, it works incredibly well when mixed with other ingredients too. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their calming, soothing, invigorating and uplifting properties. 

Like the hemp plant, many of them contain terpenes which is what gives them their characteristic aromas. Whether you use them topically in a skincare product, in a diffuser or administer in low doses orally, essential oils are an important part of our product range. We’ll cover the properties of each and let you know why they’re used in many of the products you’ll find on World of Hemp. 

What are essential oils? 

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, they’re significantly more potent than the essence you’ll find in the flower or wood it’s taken from. As such, it’s not a great idea to apply them directly to your skin. Instead, you can use skincare or wellbeing products with just the right amount to enjoy the benefits without irritating your skin or nose. Each oil has slightly different effects and benefits mentally and physically. 


Properties: calming and uplifting. 

Bergamot has a crisp, citrus top note with a green basil like fragrance as it develops. Uplifting and calming, bergamot can help with relieving stress and tension. It’s also an energising oil, perfect for when you’re feeling sluggish or tired. Often used in things like bath soaks, it helps calm the senses but is also naturally antibacterial and soothing so is good for dry and irritated skin. 


Properties: warming and restoring. 

Cinnamon is a peppery and spicy essential oil, said to help calm frazzled nerves whilst also giving you an energy boost. It’s warming when applied to the skin in the same way as ginger, aiding in tension and stress relief. Cinnamon is an ideal oil to use in products you’d pick up in the winter months for its mood balancing and restoring properties. 


Properties: restoring. 

When used in skincare, eucalyptus has a cooling and relaxing effect. This makes it an ideal ingredient for massage oils and muscle gels. With a pungent camphorous aroma, not dissimilar to tea tree, it’s a stimulating and energising essential oil. 


Properties: warming and soothing. 

Warming, spicy and invigorating, ginger is an incredibly aromatic oil and has similar properties to peppermint in that it helps relax sore and tired muscles. Ginger increases blood flow and has a heating effect when applied to the skin. When used in food, ginger can aid digestion and settle upset stomachs, using it in its essential oil form it can also help with nausea. 


Properties: renewing and restoring. 

Frankincense has a long history of use and has a spicy, woody and slightly camphorous fragrance. Said to help with low mood, it’s a comforting and soothing oil. Frankincense has anti-inflammatory properties so is ideal for use in body lotions and creams for irritated and red skin. It’s also often used in products for deeper issues like joint pain and inflammation. 


Properties: uplifting. 

Grapefruit essential oil has a sharp, tangy and citrus fragrance. It has a naturally energising and uplifting effect on your mood so is great for use in winter months when there’s less natural sunlight. When used in skincare it can help with clarity and sebum production so you’ll find it in products for oily and acne prone skin types. 


Properties: calming. 

Perhaps one of the best known essentials oils is lavender. Used for its calming and soothing properties, it has a floral, clean and slightly woody fragrance. Found all over the world, lavender can help calm skin redness and irritation and can also help reduce anxiety and encourage better sleep. 


Properties: uplifting. 

As with any citrus essential oil, lemon has a sharp, refreshing and astringent fragrance. Naturally antibacterial and antiseptic and can help increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage, making it a common ingredient for massage oils. Uplifting and energising, lemon oil can help with focus and concentration during times of high stress and pressure. 


Properties: uplifting. 

Much like rose, neroli is a highly prized floral essential oil. It’s slightly sweet with a citrus note and is heavy on the floral notes. Like many other essential oils with citrus notes, neroli has antiseptic, antibacterial and mood boosting properties as well as being a mild aphrodisiac. Neroli is lovely for any time of the day, helping to balance the skin and giving you mental clarity and a sense of euphoria. 


Properties: energising. 

Peppermint is a cooling, refreshing and energising essential oil. Like with eucalyptus it’s an ideal ingredient in muscle rubs and massage oils as it helps increase blood flow when applied to the skin. It has a crisp, minty and cool fragrance that’s naturally invigorating and awakening. 


Properties: toning and clarifying. 

One of the most costly essential oils to produce, thousands of roses will be pressed for their essence to make just a small batch of oil. As such, rose oil is considered to be one of the most precious oils but not just due to its price tag. Rose oil has a sweet, floral and heady aroma. This oil is incredibly gentle and can be used on all skin types to help heal and clarify. 

Tea Tree (also referred to as melaleuca):

Properties: clarifying. 

Tea tree, like CBD, is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory so will often be used in things like acne serums to clarify skin. It has a camphorous, sharp and invigorating fragrance so is typically used in lower concentrations when mixed with other oils as it can be overpowering.  Tea tree is a very “active” oil so may be too harsh for more sensitive skin in high doses. 


Properties: renewing. 

Wintergreen is a camphorous, crisp and herbal fragrance with a slightly minty note. It’s often used in things like toothpastes and sweets for its flavour as well as in cosmetics and colognes for its fragrance. It has a mild cooling effect when applied to the skin as well as helping with inflammation so is another popular oil used in massage oils and gels. 

Ylang Ylang:

Properties: calming and uplifting. 

Ylang ylang is a soft, sweet and highly floral essential oil with an exotic fragrance and feel to it. Uplifting by nature, ylang is also said to have an aphrodisiac effect and help boost low moods. Ylang is often used for its heady and floral fragrance alone though is also used in cosmetics for its antibacterial properties.

Medical Disclaimer

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